Wyoming is Right

We Celebrate Our PAC Endorsed Winners in 2022!

Wyoming is Right-> PAC is here to reaffirm and resolutely defend America’s founding principles by sharing knowledge, information, and inspiring people around the State of Wyoming in firm defense of family, faith, neighborhood and community.

Wyoming is Right -> Principles:

We believe in the following principles: the protection of the unborn; the Second Amendment; our God-given liberties; school choice; that there are just two genders; the principles of election integrity; fiscal responsibility including balanced budgets; limited government; the preservation of individual freedom and equal justice under the law; the protection of Wyoming’s natural resources; no legalization of Marijuana and other illegal drugs; and we support the Wyoming Constitution, the United States Constitution, and the protection of its borders. We support candidates for elective office who also hold these beliefs.

Your Vetted

Conservative Winners

Curt Meier


Chuck Gray

Secretary of State

Bo Biteman

Senate District 21

Mark Jennings

House District 30

Ken Pendergraft

House District 29

Sheridan City Council

• Andrew Patceg

Find your District, Precinct & Polling

To find your Senate and House District, Precinct and Polling CLICK HERE >>

Enter your personal address in the "Search" box with the magnifying glass icon and press "Enter" on your keyboard. Choose "Layers" on the right side of your screen and scroll down to just past "County Zoning" and then select "Voter Precincts" and "Wyoming Senate and House Districts." To locate your polling location, click the "+" sign next to "Voter Precincts." The information will then be displayed on your screen.

Sheridan County Coroner

• Dr. Robert Byrd

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